With So Many Fishing Boats For Sale Where Do Inflatable Fishing Boats Rank?

With So Many Fishing Boats For Sale Where Do Inflatable Fishing Boats Rank?

Wouldn’t it be nice to downsize? To retire the fishing boat trailer and simplify? We’ve interviewed expert fisherwoman Babs Kijewski, who has been testing the Gumotex/Innova Halibut fishing boat for over a year to get the real spin on the boat you can take anywhere, even an airplane. 

“I have been testing the inflatable kayak- Halibut since one year. It has become my faithful companion on my fishing trips around the world. My kayak has been in Canada twice, a lot of times in Florida, Germany, France, Netherlands, Spain and on the Canary Islands. In some waters, it is difficult to catch big fish. Motorboats often scare away the fish. Also the fishing in very flat areas is now possible. The extra large fish are super shy and difficult to catch. If they hear engine noise, they are gone. I lay down my montages(fishing rig) with my kayak. It is super quiet! And it works," praises Babs.


“There are many absolute pluses for me.The small pack size makes it perfect to take it on the car or plane. You need no big storage area and it is super fast quick to set up. The material is very robust, very good quality. It is silent and fast on the water and flexible in different kind of fishing (Trolling, Drift-fishing, Spin-fishing, bring out the rigs for Carp or Catfish). It comes always with me, when I go catfish fishing in France. We are an inseparable couple," says Babs with smile on her lips.

Weighing just 46 lbs, it fits into a handy transport dry-bag which makes getting around as easy as it gets. The inflatable kayak floor is fitted with a marine plywood deck on its top, enabling safe standing. A raised adjustable seat makes for easy embarking and disembarking while providing comfort when waiting for a nibble. The Gumotex/Innova line offers many inflatable boats including inflatable canoes, kayaks, rafts and larger fishing boats. When you are ready to simplify the Halibut inflatable fishing kayak ranks at the top of our list.

But don’t just take our word for it.




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