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Tim van Wijk

“We love our Thaya, it is super stable, inflates easily and maneuvers well – plus the PVC free construction doesn’t smell or pollute the water!”

Stan & Sophie Mathewson

We are very impressed with our Solar. It is much faster through the water than we expected and also very stable, In a level 1 rapid we ended up sideways against a rock and I was able to get out, get the Solar pointed in the right direction and get back in without tipping- much to the pleasure of my wife!

Vicki Whyte
Swing 1

Love our swing 1. They are solid and reliable. We regularly take them out, off of our sailboat, on the west coast of British Columbia. They move smoothly through the water and I am happy to take out in a slightly wavy condition as well - have not tested worse as no desire to go out then. Just avoid the barnacles and oysters on shore! Our last ones got small punctures that were hard to find and difficult to repair. Obvious leaks, though, easy to patch.

SEAWAVE sea kayak
André Moreau

In 2019 I bought 2 Innova/Gumotex kayaks, Seawave fully equipped. One for myself and one for my spouse.
We have used them on rivers and lakes in Quebec, Prince Edward Island and Grand Manan Island NB.
They are easy to inflate and to deflate, to carry in the back of our car and don't require much storage space during winter.
We went kayaking from April to November each year. It was pure pleasure !
I am very satisfied and have recommended it to many friends.

Ken Francis
Surfing with my Safari 330

This is my second winter beside the beach in Mexico and I have had hours of fun paddling my Safari in the ocean. I’ve gone on several extended tours out in the bay and have every confidence in the ability of my boat to handle wind and waves. It is the most efficient inflatable kayak I’ve ever paddled, and very responsive when I choose to change direction. It’s comfortable for hours of paddling. People buying inflatable kayaks often don’t think about ease of setup and packing up, or cleaning/drying. The Safari excels at all of these tasks. I especially love playing in the surf and will be taking whitewater lessons this summer. We had a tandem Gumotex for 15 years, now I have the Safari and my wife loves her Halibut. I can’t shout my praise of your products loud enough.

Rush 2
Dennis Provenski
Rush 2

We have used the Rush2 for several years. It is very very durable tracks well. Time for set up and take down almost the same as traditional kayak but no heavy lifting. Highly recommended.

Jamie Phair

We love our Vagabond (Palava) canoe, the very best feature for us is it’s portability. In the summer it’s in my car all the time as we’re a family that always ends up on water, whether it’s a cottage or even the rouge river which is at the end of our street here in Pickering. I can put it on my back in its backpack form, carry paddles and life jackets and we’re good to go.

Scout Standard
Anna Kadlecova
Canoe Scout

We have a good experience with our inflatable canoe Scout. It helped our family of five (two adults and three kids) explore the beauties of Canadian nature. We have taken it to a lot of lakes and rivers. It's easy to transport and assemble. It can carry two adults and two kids easily, we used it also for two adults, two older kids, and one small kid.

Daryl Koch

Well I must say it really tracks efficiently for a wide IK and actually is faster than my Innova model which preceded the Thaya. It has become my wife's kayak but when she also goes swimming we use it in the double seat mode and I get to be the paddler. Our only complaint which seems to.not be a big thing for the Gumotex designers is the rather antiquated method to inflate the seats: pump and then quickly turn the not so strong valve to close but this delay invariably lets out air. They need the same valve as used on the main air chambers, it should not be that difficult to indtall? OR another design that shuts off when not being filled. It would just make preparing the Thaya for the water quicker and not require two people, one to pump and one to hold and close that rather cheap valve.

Scout Standard
Tammy Cooper

If you live on the water, this canoe is an absolute must!

This is one of our best purchases as anyone can use it with great ease. My daughters and dogs love riding in this canoe as it is sturdy and durable. It is so durable that even my Labrador Retriever cannot damage it. The canoe stays out all summer and the color has not faded. Also, at the end of the season when we must store all our cottage toys, this is the most compact of all! When deflated, it requires very little space which is very convenient. Lastly, dealing with Veronika was an added bonus, as she was professional, responsive and very personable! I would recommend purchasing directly from Veronika!

Bill B.

This is my second gumotex inflatable.The first was a Suny model which lasted 10 years until I left it out in the hot sun on a very hot day and 1 piece of seam opened which I could not fix. The second and present gumotex inflatable is a Thaya which I bought in spring 2021. Prior to the 2 gumotex inflatables that I have owned, I had a sea eagle inflatable canoe which was uncomfortable and not reliable.

The gumotex inflatables are by far superior to any inflatable I have seen so far. The Thaya which I currently own has a few good redesigns, more sturdy and also more comfortable with ample space for carrying any kind of gear. Before buying any inflatable you need to see and feel a gumotex inflatable and I guarantee you will select the Gumotex inflatable. Great product.

Veronika from Canoeboat/ was very helpful and got me my Thaya during covid. I am a completely satisfied customer thanks to the help of Veronika.

Patrick H.
Twist 2/1

We love our Twist 2- it has been the perfect boat to suit our needs. Lightweight and compact, it still has plenty of room for two adults and a toddler. Though rated for
flatwater, we use it on mild stretches of the Rio Grande. It handles small rapids with easy, and the Nitrilon construction is plenty durable. Gumotex customer service is top-
notch. too!

Customer Service is Outstanding

I have an old version of this hand pump from my dad, who has dementia, so I don't know how old it is...or where the adapters are. Veronika spent quite a while with me on a chat, sending photos back and forth and taking measurements to make sure the replacement adapter would fit. The adapter is only a $14 item. This is the best customer service I have received in quite a while, and for something so small! I'd totally trust purchases from this company for larger items.

Great Inflatable Kayak

We purchased the Solar tandem kayak primarily to use on our cruiser. It folds up nicely and packs into a handy dry bag, which we can fit in a locker on the cruiser. We purchased the high capacity hand pump, which does a great job. Takes about 15 minutes to be ready to paddle. We use it on Georgian Bay, and have taken it out in windy and wavy conditions. The kayak handles really well - tracks well. In waves you will get wet - the waves splash in - just wear a bathing suit. I am impressed by the heavy duty construction.
At the end of the season, one of the foot rests (also inflatable) began to leak. I contacted Veronika at Canoeboats and within weeks she was at my door with a replacement footrest. No problem.
Conclusion - great kayak, great service.

Carlos Kosienski
Happy With My Safari 330

I bought a Safari 330 because it's large enough for multiple day tours, yet it packs down smaller than other boats in its size range. Plus, it weighs less too. A second reason I purchased the boat is because it's made from a material that is resistant to abrasion, aging and sunlight. In other words, it's built to last. I also liked the idea that it came with a waterproof backpack to carry it in. The boat is self-bailing. Which means if you do load it down with a lot of weight, you will notice some water on the floor of the boat. The idea of a self-bailing boat is to prevent a boat from becoming swamped with water when dealing with waves in white-water conditions. I don't use the boat for white water, yet I am still glad the boat has this feature. That way if I ever encounter a rogue wave, I will not have to worry about my boat filling up with water. Because, the water will drain automatically. Plus, I store all my gear in dry bags and one dry case for my really important stuff. So yes, I recommend a Safari 330 by Gumotex, to anyone looking for a high quality inflatable kayak.

Great inflatable sea kayak

This kayak is quite fast for an IK. Tracks really well : the (quite large) fin does the job, you won't need the optional rudder, unless you really want it.
The boat is sleek but stable.
Very roomy for a 15 footer. The seats are located at the right positions : even in tandem configuration, you won't have a paddle fight with your buddy.
Easy to set up, and easy to drain and dry after your ride.
Quite compact once folded, and quite light for a kayak of that size.
I just bought it last summer : given the price tag, I hope this boat will last for years to come.
But so far, I'm extremely satisfied.

Why such thin plastic D-rings?

Just bought it, haven't used it yet.
Deck looks sturdy and very well built. Nice design as well.
However I took two stars away for the following reasons :
First, it's still pricey for what it is. Compared to that, my Advanced Elements Convertible Elite's spray deck is more than half the price.
Second, the deck is equipped with cheap, tiny nylon D-rings. Given the price tag, I would have expected aluminium or stainless steel D-rings (or at least, bigger and tougher nylon D-rings).

Morgan Miles
Excellent boat

I just wanted to say that the Solar inflatable kayak I purchased last year is absolutely a very high-quality, fun and practical boat. It has been used at least once a week since it was delivered in June 2021. It has been in mountain lakes, mangrove swamps and the Atlantic coastal waterway. It has been a joy to own.

I have had NO problems with it and really use it a lot.

Thank you
Morgan Miles

Tod Lloyd
Great boat for rivers

My brother and I have used the Baraka boats for two trips down the Noatak River in Arctic Alaska, 385 miles each time. The boats handle well with kayak paddles, one person to a boat and over 20 days of supplies. We turned the boats around, to get further up towards the middle of the boat and make paddling easier. The boats stayed dry, even in class II rapids. The Nitrilon material is tough! We never had a leak. Traveling with the boats is easy. They're light and pack easily into the 110 liter dry bag. The dry bag is very handy as an extra while on the river. I gave the Baraka 4 stars because, in wind it is sometimes a challenge to keep an orientation. Otherwise it's a solid 5. A great boat for serious river travel.

702.4 Asymetric kayak paddle – four parts (black, 220 cm)
Tony Healy

Impressively rigid and solid power transfer with no flex. All segment joints are well sealed and create a seamless paddle.
I'm extremely impressed by the product quality.