Claims & Repairs


Claim process is purposed only for INNOVA/GUMOTEX products, which are still in 2 year warranty period. 
Purchaser may return any INNOVA/GUMOTEX product to CLOUD150 INC. which is deemed defective or unusable. 


We are not able to help, in case of missing information.
Boats for claim must be clean and shipped complete back to, if so requested. In opposite way, we will return the boat on your costs or charge you for cleaning., will not accept boats (products) which have missing information or they are dirty.



Repair shop is exclusively purposed for repair of INNOVA/GUMOTEX inflatable kayaks. We do not provide repairs of other kayak brands. In case of boat damage, we offer our repair service.
This is not connected to the mistakes of production – check claim process above. 
Where and how to apply for a repair: Please contact at


We warn users of INNOVA/GUMOTEX inflatable kayaks to read carefully boat manual before first use and handle with boat by its instruction. Boat specially cannot stay without supervision on the sun and pressure in air chambers, must be regularly checked (for this purpose we offer pressure gauge – accessories).
We give 6 months of warranty on boat repair.