How Gumotex inflatable boats are made

The primary raw material for the production of our boats is rubber, which is obtained by cutting the bark and collecting the sap of a tropical rubber tree. However, we do not import it from endangered forests, but from plantations. Rubber, as a natural material from renewable sources, guarantees a clearly lower impact on the environment than PVC and its production.

The entire production process from the basic material to the complete product takes place under one roof, thanks to which we have absolute control over it. All our boats are manufactured with a high proportion of manual work, are tested and undergo a demanding final inspection.

Unlike PVC, our rubber material based on natural rubber has a negligible memory effect, which is why it maintains elasticity for a long time and does not crack. At the same time, it is also easily repairable. This significantly extends its lifespan.

So you are not buying a boat for two seasons, but experiences for many years. Our boats become a reliable partner for life and bring joy to generations of boaters.