Why our Gumotex/Innova kayaks are the BEST!

  • STORAGE - The boat does not require large storage space, easily fits in the closet.
  • LIGHT WEIGHT - Our boats are many times lighter than competition and can be carried in one hand or in a backpack.

  • PORTABILITY - Neither a trailer nor a roof rack is needed. Most of our inflatable boats are supplied with a compact, waterproof carry bag fitted with shoulder straps. The bag with the boat inside will fit easily in your car boot, in overhead compartment or just throw it on your back and set out for an adventure.

  • SAFETY - Each of our inflatable boats has at least 3 air chambers and in the unlikely event of a rupture of two of them, one remaining chamber will still keep the boat and its crew afloat. In case of a capsize, the boat won’t sink and can be righted and re-mounted from the water.

  • COMFORT - Enjoy a comfortable ride on a inflatable boat!

  • EASY INFLATION - In less than 10 minutes.

  • RESISTANCE - Hull material is produced and boats are assembled by the same facility in the Czech Republic to assure highest quality standards.

  • PERFORMANCE - Contoured hulls and shaped inflation chambers enhance paddling performance, reduce assembly time and shorten drying time. No framing support and no outer shell material is needed.